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Our Story

Welcome to Yourphyto nutrition, a dynamic UK company dedicated to supplying nutritional supplements tailored for scientific studies in collaboration with academics from universities across the UK. At the intersection of tradition and innovation, we leverage the rich experience of established manufacturers and researchers while pioneering the integration of cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence to propel the development of the next generation in supplement production.

Funding robust research : We serve as a bridge between the academic realm and the supplement industry, thriving on the synergy between academic rigor and industry expertise by funding the supplements used for robust randomised controlled trials. The company’s commitment to scientific excellence is reflected in its relentless pursuit of knowledge, constantly searching for the latest advancements in nutritional science into product development processes.

Consumer focused: Despite the robust clinical evidence for our products, though endorsed by doctors and nutritionalist, they are classed as nutritional supplements so cannot be prescribed. We provide the legal framework for the supplements to be made available to consumers. By harnessing the power of AI, the company optimises formulation processes and efficiency in order to protect the consumer both in terms of meticulous quality and cost.

Environmental awareness: We are committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, employing state-of-the-art processes that prioritize environmental consciousness. From sourcing raw materials to packaging, every aspect of the production cycle is meticulously designed to minimize ecological impact, with a strong emphasis on recyclability.

Regulation: We proudly collaborate with manufacturers across the UK and on the global stage, ensuring a diverse range of high-quality ingredients. The company works with dedicated food scientists who collaborate with regulatory authorities in the UK, Europe, and internationally to guarantee products that meet and exceed the highest standards not only for the medical research but food standards.

Yourphyto nutrition utilises responsible innovation, offering health-conscious consumers only evidence based supplements that not only enhance well-being but also reflect a profound commitment to the planet. Join us on a journey where science, sustainability, and nutrition converge to shape a healthier future.

Legal Information: We are an independent company, in the Isle of White, with no legal connection to any company in the UK. Although we have funded clinical trials in the UK, including the current YourPhyto Study, no member of the scientific committee or research staff have any commercial or legal connection to us. This funding is uncommitted so we have no influence on the design, conduct, results, outcomes, conclusions and eventual publications of the studies.

Mr Norbert Bojte
YourPhyto Nutrition
Isle of Man, UK

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